SUAVE (Sheikhs and Ulama Against Violent Extremism) Mandera Triangle


This programme is designed to bridge the gap and broker understanding between the community leaders who have the hearts of the masses and the Government (both County and National, including the Security Agents) by equipping them with skills that enable them combat violent extremist ideology through effective counter-narratives and correction of religious misconceptions. This will further harmonize efforts of the community and Government in stumping out terror activities in Mandera region and foster atmosphere of trust and understanding between the community and the Security Agencies. The main strategy to be used is al murajaat al fikriyya (Doctrine Revision) as a way to prevent and counter radicalization, violent extremism, and terrorism in the Mandera Triangle.


  • Establishment of CVE community networks in the Mandera Triangle consisting of Religious leaders, Women, and Youth
  • Train community leaders, sheikhs, Women, and Youth on building resilience and counter narratives of violent extremists
  • Establish dialogue platform on countering violent extremism for the residents of the Mandera Triangle
  • Improve communication between the administration and security agents on one hand, and the community leaders on the other to improve cooperation in preventing and countering radicalization and violent extremism


The programme will cover the Mandera Triangle (Mandera, Suftu, and Belat Hawa). The key participants to be involved include Religious Leaders, Traditional Leaders, Madrasa teachers, Women, Youth, Mandera County Government, County Commissioner, National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), and the County Security Agencies.